Fidelity Law

Jennings Strouss has significant resources devoted to representing fidelity insurers that issue bonds and commercial crime policies to financial institutions, credit unions and businesses.

The firm’s fidelity practice includes:

  • Claim Investigation
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and Appeals
  • Subrogation and Recovery
  • Protection of Our Client’s Interests in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Our firm's fidelity team leader is Dick Wisner, a lawyer with over 40 years of fidelity experience. Working with him on fidelity matters are Scott Frerichs and Andy Chambers. Our lawyers are variously licensed to practice law throughout the Southwest, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.

Our fidelity team prides itself on conducting thorough, cost-efficient investigations in fidelity cases involving sophisticated fraud schemes, including:

  • financial institution fraud
  • real estate and mortgage lending fraud
  • commercial loan fraud
  • fictitious loans
  • forgeries
  • counterfeits
  • fraudulent bonds
  • computer crimes
  • money laundering embezzlement
  • altered payee schemes
  • deposit in transit schemes
  • deposit lapping schemes
  • unauthorized increases of lines of credit and credit cards
  • cash theft from vaults and safety deposit boxes
  • fraudulent disbursements
  • Ponzi schemes

Jennings Strouss lawyers are proficient in uncovering facts necessary to properly evaluate fidelity claims and in conducting a proper legal analysis of claims. Losses are evaluated in light of coverage afforded under the bond or policy and are scrutinized in view of applicable state and federal case law. When evaluating employee dishonesty claims, we are mindful of those elements needed to prove the claim, such as manifest intent to cause a loss, realization of an improper financial benefit by the dishonest employee, and causation. When quantifying a covered claim, the loss amount is carefully calculated after determining the existence and scope of coverage for a claimed loss.

Our lawyers have authored numerous articles and are frequent lecturers on fidelity law topics. They have also been retained to serve as expert witnesses and to act as mediators and arbitrators in fidelity cases.