Our Washington D.C.-based electric team has a roster of career-long electric lawyers as well as professionals with extensive operational and management experience. We are experienced in virtually all aspects of the electric industry. Like our clients, we focus on practical, workable commercial solutions that further our clients' business and operational objectives.

In the ever-evolving commercial, technological and regulatory environment of the industry, we are always working to shape policies affecting the industry to be compatible with our clients' needs. At the same time, we work with our clients to develop optimal business strategies under the laws and operating parameters as they exist and develop.

Our clients are joint action agencies, generation and transmission cooperatives, individual public power systems (municipal and cooperative), independent power producers, governmental and quasi-governmental utilities, developers, and large end-users. We are proud of our long-term relationships with our clients -- our representation of public power organizations of all sizes and types around the country includes our sixty-year representation of one of the largest public power entities in the U.S., and thirty-plus years with other public power clients.


Our work covers a wide range of electric industry matters, including:

  • Regional Transmission Organization development and implementation, including advice regarding:
    - energy market tariffs and business practices
    - cost of service ratemaking matters
    - market-based wholesale power sales
    - transmission pricing and operations matters
    - revenue distribution agreements
    - joint pricing zone development
  • Renewable and conventional generating resource and transmission management, operation, and regulation for electric utilities, including:
    - development
    - joint ownership arrangements
    - governance issues
    - power purchase and sale contracts
    - interconnection agreements
    - transmission service agreements
    - tolling agreements
  • Representing clients before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state utility commissions with matters concerning:
    - regulatory proceedings (rates, transmission, mergers, interconnections, rulemakings, tariffs, complaints, contract enforcement)
    - tariff and other rate filings
    - merger proceedings
    - contractual matters and disputes
  • NERC reliability standards compliance and audit matters, related FERC challenges
  • Bulk power supply arrangements
  • Joint Action Agency operations and formation
  • Court litigation (state and federal, trial level and appellate)
  • Arbitration, mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings