Appellate Law

Arizona Apellate Attorney

Jennings Strouss' appeals attorneys have extensive experience at all levels of the Arizona, Nevada and federal appellate courts. We not only handle appellate matters arising within our own firm, but are also regularly retained by other lawyers and firms to assist them with their complex appellate needs.

Our appeals attorneys are intimately familiar with appellate procedures and can provide the highest quality representation, no matter how complex or novel the issues on appeal may be. In fact, various appellate courts have deemed more than 100 appellate cases in which Jennings Strouss appeals lawyers have appeared in the last ten years to be significant enough to justify their publication as opinions.

The experience of our appeals attorneys covers a broad range of substantive areas of the law, including general torts and personal injury, medical malpractice defense, commercial and contract litigation, professional liability and malpractice defense, constitutional, labor and employment, administrative, real estate, health care, bankruptcy, trusts and estates, and tax law.

Representative recent published opinions in which we successfully represented our clients include:

Representative Engagements

State Courts

  • Arizona Dept. of Revenue v. Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, 212 Ariz. 35, 126 P.3d 1063 (App. 2006)
  • Ry-Tan Const., Inc. v. Washington Elementary School Dist. No. 6, 210 Ariz. 419, 111 P.3d 1019 (2005)
  • Romley v. Arpaio, 202 Ariz. 47, 40 P.3d 831 (App. 2002)
  • Hallmark Industries, L.L.C. v. First System International, Inc., 203 Ariz. 243, 52 P.3d 812 (App. 2002)
  • Williams v. Lakeview Co., 199 Ariz. 1, 13 P.3d 280 (2000)
  • A Tumbling-T Ranches v. Paloma Inv. Ltd. Partnership, 197 Ariz. 545, 5 P.3d 259 (App. 2000)
  • In re Estate of Shumway, 198 Ariz. 323, 9 P.3d 1062 (2000)

Federal Courts

  • Navajo Nation, et. al. v. United States Forest Service, et. al., 535 f.3d 1058 (9th Cir. 2009)
  • Shaver v. Operating Engineers Local 428 Pension Trust Fund, 332 F.3d 1198 (9th Cir. 2003)
  • Dawavendewa v. Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, 276 F.3d 1150 (9th Cir.), cert. denied, 537 U.S. 820 (2002)
  • Bailey v. Southwest Gas Co., 275 F.3d 1181 (9th Cir. 2002)