Government Relations & Public Affairs Law

Arizona Government Relations Lawyer

Attorneys in the Government Relations & Public Affairs Practice Group of Jennings Strouss are highly experienced in dealing with all levels of government. Our work involves lobbying interaction with the Arizona State Legislature, the executive branch and state regulatory agencies, as well as city and county governments and other local public entities.

Our Government Relations attorneys are highly skilled in seeking legislative solutions for our clients. Increasingly, businesses and other entities are discovering that it is often more cost effective to pursue favorable legislation than to resort to litigation. Litigation can frequently be a distracting and disappointing option for clients seeking new and innovative ways of dealing with business problems, because the results of litigation cannot offer the wide-reaching impact of changes to existing laws.

Jennings Strouss lawyers look closely at other options before resorting to litigation. We believe that the best remedy for unfavorable or unworkable laws is not simply to litigate them, but, where feasible and appropriate for the client's interests, to attempt to change them. We assist clients in doing this through lobbying and other forms of governmental relations work.

Regulatory agencies such as the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Industrial Commission, the Arizona Departments of Administration, Environmental Quality, Health Services, Insurance, Liquor Licenses and Control, and State Land are but a few examples of the governmental bodies before which our attorneys have frequently represented clients. We have also successfully advanced our clients' interests before city planning and zoning authorities throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and beyond.

In addition to extensive front-line lobbying experience in dealing with high impact legislative and regulatory issues involving politically sensitive issues, our attorneys have served as national media spokespersons for their clients, given countless media interviews, and written lobbying-related op/ed articles and press releases published by numerous local media.

Our government relations clients have come from a wide variety of industries, businesses and from the public sector, including public school districts, governmental bodies, and companies in the utilities, real estate, agriculture, health care, bioscience, insurance, workers compensation, pharmaceutical, financial services, forestry, waste disposal, automobile, fuel ecology, and hospitality industries.