Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arizona Arbitration & Mediation Lawyers

Jennings Strouss attorneys provide the key ingredients for a successful dispute resolution-experience and a commitment to helping clients resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner. Our members have practical experience in the alternative dispute resolution process as both advocates and facilitators, be it as mediators, arbitrators, neutral fact finders or court settlement officials. As a result of this experience, the attorneys of Jennings, Strouss & Salmon understand the realities of litigation in the 21st Century.

When serving as advocates, our attorneys have the real world experience to understand a client's needs and goals and work aggressively to achieve them. By the same token, the experience of our attorneys allows them to work as true facilitators to maximize the potential for a satisfactory outcome for all parties to the resolution process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution has gained significant acceptance as a flexible approach to resolving disputes, often in a confidential and efficient manner. The attorneys of Jennings, Strouss & Salmon possess the skill and experience necessary to assist parties with new ideas for problem solving. Whether acting as advocates or as neutrals, our energetic and knowledgeable attorneys stand ready to address even the most complex legal and factual issues in an innovative and economical fashion.


Allows a selected arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to make a decision that is binding on the parties. Arbitrators can be selected with expertise in a particular area, if desired. Our attorneys have experience in many specialized areas of law.


Allows the parties to negotiate a mutually-acceptable resolution of the matter in a confidential setting, with the assistance of a neutral mediator. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement, they may continue to use other dispute resolution techniques, such as Arbitration, or may litigate their claims in court, if permitted. The presence of an experienced mediator can often help resolve the matter and provides both sides with a candid evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of their case.

Neutral Fact Finding/Case Assessment

Allows our attorneys to investigate a matter in an independent fashion and to advise the client (or parties, if desired) on the results of that inquiry. We can then assist our clients in evaluating the merits and exposure in the matter, which can then help lead to earlier case resolution, if appropriate.

Settlement Negotiations

Allow the parties to resolve disputes without the formal procedures or expense of a third party such as an arbitrator or mediator.

Mini Trials

Allow parties expecting to proceed through litigation to test the strength of their case through an abbreviated non-binding hearing.